Photoshoots are a great way to celebrate significant events in life

On Friday night my niece attended the World finals of the Kids’ Literacy Awards in Singapore. I watched the live streaming and she was amazing!

She has loved books and reading since she was very young, so a few years ago I took this photo of her, as I wanted to capture her in a meaningful way. She used to spend hours reading me stories before she could even read. I think it’s time I did another photoshoot for her to celebrate her achievement, don’t you?


Why would I attend a wedding photography workshop when I’m not a wedding photographer?

It’s all about pushing myself and my craft and being inspired. Photographing people, whether it’s with weddings or family portraits, is all about creating meaningful connection and capturing real emotions. It’s hugely important to me that I keep growing as a photographer, so what better way than to learn from one of the best in the business. Thanks Olga from Levien & Lens Photography for your amazing “Learn, Love, Light, Laughter” workshop. You are truly inspirational!

Winter photoshoots rock!

Who said you can’t do winter photoshoots at the beach? Of course you can! All you need are woolly jumpers and enthusiasm. I loved shooting this session. I think it’s safe to say we all have lots of fun. The kids were full of excitement and exuberance and definitely made the most of it. The roasted marshmallows were a highlight and I think the whole experience is something that everyone will always remember.

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