Keeping Memories Alive

Hey everyone listen up, this is important. I work with a lot of amazing families and talk to a lot of people about the connection and love they share with each other, but all too often I find that grandparents can be overlooked when it comes to photoshoots. They are often a huge part of your kids lives, so it’s important that your kids have cherished reminders of this to keep forever. Grandparents often want nothing more than a photo with their grandkids or with their whole family together. They’re not always forthcoming about this though.

Photos keep memories alive, they are a way of telling our story. It’s not just about showing what we look like, it’s about showing who we are and what’s important to us.

My two nieces are lucky enough to have both their grandmothers involved in their lives, so how special is it to have a photo of them together?

Don't forget one day you too will be that grandparent wanting nothing more than a beautiful photo.